Hello I am Monica van der Putten, for some years I am breeding miniatureschnauzers black and silver now. I am using some Europeaan bloodline's, they are checked on health and herditary deviation of the eyes and so on. The pups are growing up in our house, with children, the other dogs, the television, en all other noices etc. etc.. This socialisationperiod is very important for a miniatureschnauzer. A few years ago I bought my first miniatureschnauzer in Belgium, Percy van Maarheez's Hof, I went to shows with her, the results on those shows were "excellent", I began breeding with her.

From different combinations with Percy, I kept some female dogs, they also are "excellent" dogs, in the mean time they also got pups,  from different male dogs. As you can see, our Percy is a granny now, with her I don't breed  anymore, but she stil living with us! I also have a female dog from Germany, she is from
a German-Italian combination, and than ... my biggest proud, from Spain: our CAPO !!! Capo (d'Altomonte Little White Cloud) is an in Spain breeded completely Italian male dog with just that little bit more, than the original types. Besides this point, there aren't many breeders here in Holland, so a new bloodline is very welcome.

We are a member of the Dutch Schnauzer Club
and the American Miniature Schnauzer Club

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